Saturday, December 12, 2020

I Know Not How

Michelle got her Jeep back from hitting a couple deer in the mountains somewhere after it was in the shop a couple weeks. A few nights ago she was driving over to the main house and while she was aiming at going through the gate she tore the left side bumpers off and put a slash in the driver's side door. I know not how. I ask her and she said "I was so busy watching for deer and ringtails I didn't see the sign."

For months when walking out on the front porch in the morning the Kit@Kaboodle bowls have all been empty. Starting about a week ago they began having some food left in them in the mornings. On the package it says turkey, liver, chicken, and fish. This morning I walk out on the porch and they are almost empty but two of the four colors there aren't any at all and the other two still have some left. Somebody is getting awfully picky considering winter is here.

The back porch water bowl is not getting any sunshine up against the rear stairs so it's been frozen for five or six days. I've moved it out into the yard next to a high rock so both birds and ground critters can get to it and now not fully melting at least there's something to drink.

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