Friday, December 4, 2020

Just Stuff

 I walk by the laundry room door and want to open it to see if Kobae is ok and then I remember he's in San Diego getting stuck in chairs. I remembered to go out and block the entrance to his hole with some old signs a past insurance company made me put up a few years ago. My favorite was "No lifeguard on duty." Gee, no kidding. A few years ago I didn't block the entrance and a badger moved in while Kobae was in San Diego for the winter. The badger makes several dens, leaves them, comes back a few weeks later to see who moved in and then eats then and while Kobae thinks he's a bad ass, the badger actually is. I went on the internet to get ideas how to get him out which was less than no help but in time I prevailed. Don't want to go through that again.

Not very busy the rest of the month. Almost no bookings at the lodge and about 30 to 40% next door but that's enough to pay the bills. Have to decide if the leave the kayaks at the boat ramp or bring them in and just take em back when somebody wants them versus leaving them out in the sun for the next three months. Walked down to the bottom of the hill and the drop off is getting deeper so it's boat ramp or nothing.
The red-winged blackbirds are the last ones go to home every night and by home I mean the pond just below the main house. They cast a sort of eerie picture at sunset each night.

The sun has moved far enough south that just a few rays hit the Anti-Cline each evening before dark. Dark comes about 5:30 each night now and just a few critters are showing up. Two ringtails, the dead ones brother and one other. Only a couple foxes coming up from the river. Nobody coming from the east which makes me think the mountain lion is here though I haven't gone and looked for tracks yet. The last three nights no raccoons. The bowls on the porch are still full each morning. Few guests, few critters, no nightly show. until spring probably. I put the food out and come back inside. It's cold.

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