Wednesday, February 10, 2021


Tuesday, Linny, Jax, and I take the Polaris and head out to Jackson Hole. I want to show Linny places I found while she wasn't here that have different kinds of rocks you'll find almost no where else out here. As we're hiking around we come across the leftovers of what looks like either a Sharp-shinned or Cooper's Hawk. Probably the ravens at work again. There are fox tracks going to the spot and away which explains why there is no carcass.

We hike over to the river and look across to the pot ash plant and down river towards Base Camp.

We find a rock where you can see the direction of the water 150,000 years ago when the Jackson Hole rincon ran through here or perhaps one of the many oceans this area was buried under millions of years ago.
We stop a couple times on the way back. I want to show her where the old road was that goes down to the river where those going to work would catch a boat across the river to work at the Pot Ash plant nearly 100 years ago and the vast amount of work it took to build this road that we take for granted. So much is hidden under the road.

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