Monday, February 22, 2021


 Linny's family came to visit so while they were all in the river kayaking or wading out to sand bars Jax and I got a hike in up Hurrah Pass.

On one narrow portion of the road there are three places I'm getting a little nervous about the rocks above falling and taking out the road. Seems like the crack is a little bigger in each one or it protrudes out just a little further. I called the county and it's rare when I see a sizable ground event on the road. There was one on the other side right when I moved here and really nothing since. They said it would take them a day or two but they could fix it.

Jax, Linny, and I are back together and in the next week or so Kobae. It's as if the early days are returning with the same cast of characters.
Big week for rehab. Whole crew coming in today for the week see what can get knocked off. From about the 8th of March on both sides of Base Camp are pretty full already until the end of April and that's how it was last year except there won't be 77 cancellations this time. I hope.
Jax and I got to the top of Hurrah and then we hung out waiting for Linny and her family in the truck and side by side so we can give them a ride back to their vehicles.

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