Tuesday, February 2, 2021


Jax and I are taking a side by side in to get worked on, they're always getting worked on. Linny is taking the Jeep. We wait for her on Hurrah. I think this will be a good picture and when it comes out I look at my reflection in the side back window and see me compressed in the window. I can't be that fat. Then I see Jax below me also all stretched out and feel a little better. 

Linny and I are in the living room and hear a noise in the kitchen. Significant scratching. It sounds like it's coming out of one of the lower cabinets by the fridge. I open it up and it's full of bottles. Prior to my purchase the lodge was a bed and breakfast and they had a second sink to prepare food. When it was taken out the hose holes where the water came up from under the lodge to the sink never got filled in. I start emptying all the bottles in the cabinet out. When I take one of them out it fit almost perfectly in the former hot water line hole. then a head pops up. The baby skunk wants a hot dog. I feed it one, and it came back to the same spot a couple days later for another one.

First kayakers went out on the river a couple days ago. From the boat ramp I could see guests up at the far end of the island. There's about 15 cow turds down there so guess I'll have to get the big shovel out here shortly.

Rehab of all the rooms is in progress. Got most of the floor in. Beds are next. Then blinds are gone and curtains coming, then all the functional stuff for lights and fans and the like.

What is this?

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