Monday, February 8, 2021

Big Horn

Jax and I hike the course and then Linny calls on the walkie to say she's going over and clean the hogans so Jax and I catch a ride to the valley where we're going to hike in and do the boulder canyon uphill. But just a quarter mile or so into the valley we see four big horn sheep so switch directions so as not to spook them.

We head up the fire road above Last Hurrah to avoid the big horn but maybe be high enough up we might still be able to watch them in the distance somewhere.

I look over and Jax's nose is in the air and there's a little more giddy up in his step. He smells them and they are close by.

We walk over a ridge and there all four of them. The lead one appears to be male and has a tracker collar on it. The other three young females. I think this might be last year's nursery. They take off running straight down a cliff, land on a ridge, run across the valley floor and are headed up the rocks on the other side.

Jax was right behind them until they went straight down the cliff and I saw him packing brake and staring in amazement. Maybe some day they'll play with him.

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