Friday, February 19, 2021

The Days

 It's mostly warm, 40s at worst. Fifty something today and 60 tomorrow. Jax and I hike every day and some days Linny goes with us but Last Hurrah is pretty busy so Linny has her hands full keeping the place up next door. We're out of dryers at the moment. Can't get repair people to come out so I'll take a fridge in to get worked on. When it's ready I drop off a dryer and bring back the fridge. Haven't seen ice in the river in a couple weeks.

More disc golfers showing up every day and the weather keeps warming. They're coming from Salt Lake saying they just got 18 inches of snow. Colorado Springs told me the temp when they left home was five degrees and Denver said it was seven degrees. It's nice here. The storms are all around us and they come in for 15 to 20 minutes some evenings and then leave again.
There was a scene in The Canyonlands where Linny was a ghostly figure in the back of one of the fingers. Couple days ago we hiked over to relive the moment. I can't find the original picture but I will. We hiked to the back of the finger and the ledge she stood on while the fog machine was cranking out fog below gone. These two rocks landed right where Linny was standing as the ghost and there's a couple more up there waiting to fall.

We hiked through the rest of The Fingers pointing out where certain scenes were filmed and people got whacked.

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