Friday, February 19, 2021

Colorful Few Days

Storms have been visiting just briefly and the moving out. 15 to 30 minutes usually. 

With in town side by sides rented pretty much all the time prices have gone up this year. Before it was $550 to rent a six seater for a day. $440 a four seater, and $330 a two seater. There's has been a 20% increase this year. I had someone come out to play disc golf and they rented a two seater to get out here for $400. Six seaters just went to $660 a day. It's madness.
Had a Prius here back in November or December. A couple days ago I had some folks follow me up Hurrah Pass in their Honda Fit. Had about two inches of ground clearance.....maybe. I went over the top and told them to come up the right side, it looks worse but it works. The driver responded on the walkie talkie he didn't want to drive it up the last 100 feet so I told him I'd do it. When I started to walk down the road to get to the Honda Fit I saw the girl woman that owned the car walk behind the Hurrah Pass sign, close her eyes and put her hands over her ears. When I got to the Fit the guy said "Good luck." I breezed up the right side and never touched though I confess I thought I was going to.
The next day Linny and I are driving back from town and there are fresh tire tracks in front of us. We're trying to guess what type of vehicle it is as we're closing on it. The tracks get whiter as we get closer. It's a passenger car from the design on the tires. When we come around the corner we see the vehicle stopped and talking to someone who just came down Hurrah. Linny says "Is that a Tesla?" I pull up next to the Tesla and it's two guys headed out to play disc golf. I admire their grit. I tell them they can follow us but I got about a quarter of a mile and it took them about five minutes to catch up. There are six miles to go. This isn't going to work. I hit my right turn signal to pull up next to me. I hand them the walkie talkie and say "I'd give you a ride but the back of the truck is full of wood and the inside is full of propane bottles and packages that came in for the remodel. If you get to the top of Hurrah call me on the walkie and I'll come get you for the down side. If not leave the walkie at Mad Bro in town. They never called. Next day I'm at Mad Bro and they said two guys left this walkie talkie for you.

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