Sunday, February 21, 2021

Almost Kobae Time

Next door at Last Hurrah we're been pretty full most days. I've closed the lodge since the 16th of February until the end of this month. I hope most of the remodel will be done by then but there are always issues especially in the boonies. Not only are there the normal issues but there's boonie issues also. 

First boat came down the river yesterday. I didn't see it as I was further out hiking with Jax and couldn't see the river from where we were but I heard it head downstream and I didn't hear it come back.
Storm blew in last night for an hour or two and brought a cold biting wind with it. I saw one skunk and one daring fox. Even with Jax sitting on the porch with me the gray fox came within 50 feet or so for it's hot dog.
High 40's and mid 50's for the next week. Almost time already to go get Kobae. Use to be March, April, and May was the busy season. Then after a few years September and October got added to it. Then last year with Covid the busy season went from March to early January and now this year when February ends I'll be up $20,000 over Jan and Feb of last year. Part of moving out here in addition to having a place for all the managers of the indoor soccer companies to get away was to begin retirement. It's not working out that way. For ten or twelve years in the early days people would pull up the drive way and feel sorry for me. I was an idiot for living out in the middle of nowhere and then last year when Covid hit I woke up one morning and found out I was a genius all of a sudden. What a strange world.

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