Sunday, February 7, 2021

Fifties and Sixties

 We're getting some good hikes in and the weather is fantastic. It's hard to believe.

The disc golf tournament is just over a month away. Last year we had the tourney and the pandemic hit two days later when everything started closing down. This year we limited it to 75 players with 40 on the waiting list in three minutes. We'll see if we can sort that out somehow.

The two sharp shinned hawks were hanging at the lodge off and on for a couple days until I'd chase them off. Then a few days ago a raven showed up and went after the largest shapr shinned. There was quite a battle raging in the air that Linny and I watched through binoculars and then it moved to right above us. The small sharp shinned was nearby but stayed out of the confrontation until another raven showed up and drove that hawk off. Both hawks drove to the ground and once grounded the ravens left them and congratulated each other diving and swooping by the cliffs next to Hurrah Pass.
Finally got all the USDA paperwork done and now while there's a lot of work still to be done at least it's at my pace and not somebody waiting for it and needing it right away.

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