Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Living the Dream

This has been a great year for Base Camp and myself. The most enjoyable so far. It was so busy this year so I didn't get to explore as much as I would have liked but the reviews and the handshake and hug thanks from all the people that stayed here by far more than made up for that. It's life changing for some people and I'm certainly one of them.
I use to do a highlight reel of the most memorable things that happen each year but I haven't had the time for two years in a row but I'll try and restore that this year. I'm doing income and expenses tonight hoping to have all the numbers on the tax people's desk when they come in Thursday morning so I can get the refinance of both properties done this year. As well I won't have Linny or Michelle here this year it doesn't look like so I've got to find some help beginning in early March. If you know somebody please let me know. I'm also going to have to search for a replacement if something happens to me. I expect to live forever but since nobody ever has so far I realize the odds are slim so best to be prepared. Linny could probably do it but that's years away before she's ready if at all. So I'm looking.
It's been pretty cold four or five nights in a row with single digit lows and the high not quite above freezing. I confess I'm not hanging outside with the critters when they show up. I'm chucking 10 or 15 hot dogs in the parking lot and putting some in the rafters and skunk hole and then I'm back inside. Tonight is nice. It was cold when I walked outside. Stars were bright and Jupiter was a beacon in the western sky. Two little skunk faces were looking up at me under the porch and three ringtail were scattered in the rafters above the front porch. Everybody got a hot dog and went right to work devouring it. I even gave a couple hot dogs to the lone raccoon on the porch which I never do. They could eat forever. I've seen one eat a whole bowl of Kit&Kaboodle by itself and when the sun came up in the morning it was still too bloated to move off the porch.

There are guests in each of the houses and I can see the lights off in the distance but there's no one else out here and nobody at the lodge. When midnight came there was no sound. Constant quiet.

It is my hope that everyone has a great coming year and from me and all the little people that are wandering around out here tonight, good night from the canyon lands.

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