Sunday, December 29, 2019

I'm Glad I Didn't

On Tuesday and Wednesday there was a little bit of snow at higher elevations but nothing at the lodge. The forecast for Friday and Saturday was up to one tenth of an inch. Since most forecasts are made by zip code that means that it's going to snow up in the La Sal mountains but we won't get anything here.

I was thinking when I woke up Friday morning I'd take a picture of normal and say this is the first time I can remember we didn't get any snow on the ground before the new year. Probably better I waited. It snowed all day Friday and was snowing still snowing Saturday morning when I had three checks outs. A few weeks earlier I had put out the word looking for someone to watch the place for me so I could go get Jax and take Linny to a couple hockey games. Kathy responded and came out Thursday to learn about feeding the animals and anything else that might happen while I'm gone. Friday was a white out so she hung one more day and on Saturday morning the three check outs and Kathy were all airing down in the parking lot as we're going out together. I wasn't going to go to town until next week but since I want to guide everyone up and down Hurrah when I get to Kane Creek I might as well go to town now and not do it twice. I hardly took any videos or pictures focused on getting everyone out safely but once I've collected from the rest of the caravan I'll put some on the blog.

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