Friday, December 6, 2019

Monday thru Friday

No shortage of vapor trails in the sky on Monday.
Tuesday was a good test of the heavy duty leaf springs as I took 20 six and a half gallon or more jugs of water to town and filled them up at roughly 8.3 pounds per gallon about 1,000 pounds all together. The truck can support that without a problem it's the road to here that isn't kind with that much weight in the back but it held up well even after adding 12 gallons of gas and filling up the truck with 15 more. Before and after.

I spent Wednesday shoveling, yanking, and raking weeds while pumping water from the pond into the holding tanks.

Once all the holding tanks and cisterns are full then I can pull more river from the river and fill the pond. Soon I'm going to have to take the pump and hoses out of the river before they freeze and then whatever I have in tanks, cisterns, and the pond is what I have to get through the winter. I finished everything Thursday and started pumping water into the pond to fill it for the winter.

Rachel had put the sign up closing the gate because when I left to take Kobae to San Diego the cows were headed out here. Then more cows were headed out here when I came back from dropping Kobae off but when they didn't show up I took the sign down. Today I heard cows on Hurrah so it's back again. Another chance to test the heavy duty leaf springs and all appears well with the 12 gallons of gas and water soaked firewood there were no problems.

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