Thursday, November 28, 2019


I was completely booked for Thanksgiving then the bunk bed room cancelled for weather, then the two singles and a king cancelled, then the Condo made it in their truck but their relatives in a small motor home of some sort couldn't make it up the pass so all of a sudden after turning down lots of people for Thanksgiving I have plenty of vacancy. Everybody said the weather looked too bad to risk it.

So, on Tuesday morning we wake up to a dusting of snow at the higher elevations but Jax and I go hiking. It's a little windy but it's nice. Propane truck showed up for their once a year fill up all the tanks at both places.

Jax and I hiked around the property on Wednesday looking for mountain lion tracks but didn't find anything except fox, raccoon, deer, big horn, and lots of really little people. Little windy again but nice day.

We didn't get to go to far either day as we had guests checking in and out all day. Thanksgiving looks like this and with only one check out it's a great hiking day but Michelle got a notification that a friend was really sick so she and Jax took off to go see the friend and the hiking day is wasted. Guests arrived from Salt Lake fine and Michelle took off for Colorado so somewhere out there was bad weather but it wasn't here.

What a strange feeling to have neither Kobae or Jax here and with all the guests checking out over the weekend some time, at the moment, I only have four check ins the whole month of December. I'm sure I'll get some more but still it's sparse so it's probably the right time to get alll the work caught up on the things I couldn't get to when it was so busy.

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