Sunday, November 3, 2019


It's been cold. Down to 10 degrees a couple nights but the next two weeks look good so instead of taking him to San Diego around Halloween I've held on to him for the second year in a row to get some hiking in with him. I think it was Tuesday when it was the coldest and he came outside, checked the temp and went back in to the laundry room. He never moved from that spot. I checked on him four or five times a day and he was breathing but his eyes were closed. I've read that African Spurs (Sulcata) never learned to hibernate because it never gets under 50 or so degrees where they are from in Africa. So while he may not hibernate he does know how to sleep. Each day I'd leave the laundry room door open for awhile but he'd feel the cold air and never budged. Today Michelle went in the laundry room looking for cleaner, couldn't find it, just kept talking and talking about where the Ajax might be and after 98 hours of sleep Kobae came out about three minutes after she went in. This is what a tortoise looks like after 98 straight hours of sleep without moving even once.

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