Monday, November 25, 2019

Stuff Upon Return

The return is unloading firewood, groceries, and supplies while unpacking. There are ravens hanging around on the roof, that's unusual. The last week they were very good at prying the lids off trash cans and pulling the trash out and at the female hogan pecking through the lid and pulling it out through the hole. I'd prefer not to have their attention and am putting straps on all the lids to fasten them to the can. Waking up Sunday morning to ravens on the roof and the same Monday morning. The pigeon is still here. Seems to have found a home. He/she's welcome. We're one. One guy, one tortoise, one dog, and one pigeon.
Rachel stayed at the Main House watching the place. She didn't hang around for darkness. Put food in the bowls and threw a bunch of hot dogs out. I ask if she fed the ringtails and she said she threw an eight pack of hot dogs up on the roof each night. Well that explains why I wake up to ravens on the roof every morning and on Saturday when I threw a hot dog out to the Day Fox a raven swooped off the roof and got it first. Have to wait to dark to put out the food now as the ravens have adapted.
Rachel added an extra bowl of food on the back porch while I was gone and said every morning all the bowls were empty except for Friday night bowls. Big cat scat on the road to Last Hurrah so the mountain lion has shown up a few days early compared to most years on Thanksgiving. Still Saturday night I had a few foxes and last night, Sunday, everybody was here raccoons, skunk, ringtail, and lots of foxes so if the mountain lion was here I'm not seeing any signs now. Saturday mornings bowls.

Jax and I hiked around some on Sunday but didn't find tracks where they usually are so I think the threat is diminished for the moment at least.

Lot of work to do the next few days and still feeling about 50% but there's no options. The property is full for Thanksgiving next door and here minus one last minute cancellation so guess I better get to work.
Jax and i will be getting our hikes in every day though.

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Chris and Alison said...

Welcome home, Tom and Jax, great to know Kobae is safe for the winter. Continuous rain since we got back home: dreams of Last Hurrah should help us through the winter.