Sunday, November 3, 2019

Once Upon a time, In a galaxy, far, far, away.....

I was cleaning one of the houses next door and came across a Wall Street Journal someone had left. I remember I use to read the Wall Street Journal everyday. Shocked at the amount of money that would change hands in acquisitions and mergers and the like but a little excited by it also. In time I had my own decent size company and morning reading was the Wall Street Journal. I haven't even thought of the Journal in the 13 years I've been out here.

I remember in the business world flying from Denver to Anaheim one day probably in the 90s somewhere to look at an acquisition and looking down from my seat on the left side of the plane I saw the Pot Ash evaporation ponds which are straight across the river from Base Camp. As far as I could see in every direction there wasn't anything. Couldn't see any towns or any signs of civilization anywhere. I remember thinking "What kind of moron would live out in the middle of nowhere?"

Years later I and others in the company needed a place to unwind. Driving to the Boise facility one day many miles or so out of town I see people walk out of their house and get in their canoe and get in the Snake River and I thought to myself, "I need a river."

Driving through West Texas from the Permian facility I saw people walk out of their ranches, get on ATV's and dirt bikes and take off down the dirt roads and I thought to myself "I need dirt roads."

The list of what I needed and what I was searching for got longer every time I'd go out and visit all the indoor soccer locations.

Fast forward ten or so years later and I was in Moab going out to look at a boonies property and I tore the BMW all up on Hurrah Pass in the days when the road use to be a nightmare. That's how I met Nations Towing. Four tires and four rims.

When the real estate agent took me out to look at the property as the Beemer was in the shop we got to the top of Hurrah Pass and I saw the Pot Ash evaporation ponds across the river I thought "I am him. I am the moron." But in truth I was a different person then the guy on the plane from years earlier. Now, if I had unlimited wealth, this is where I'd live.

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