Sunday, November 3, 2019

Saturday Morning 6am

Michelle left on Oct 15th to go get Jax. Several times she text, emailed, called to say she was on her way back. Saturday morning, Nov 2nd, the phone rings. Michelle says she doesn't know where she it. She can't see in the dark very well. I said "What can you tell me?" She says she remembers crossing over a cattle guard. I ask if it's in the valley or Hurrah. She's not sure. I tell her to stay where she is. I get in the truck and drive up Hurrah. I don't see tire tracks going off to the mining road that was closed 50 years ago. I ask her to honk her horn. I don't hear anything. I ask her to turn her lights off and on. I look down to the valley floor and see lights going off and on by the Ledges campground and tell her she's in the campground and to turn right, then left to get back on the road. She says no there's a big drop off. I start to head down the other side of Hurrah to see if she took an overlook by accident and see tail lights in my mirror. I turn around and head back up Hurrah and she is way out there on the mining road on the east side of Hurrah. She turns around and we meet at the sign. Jax jumps in the truck and almost seven weeks later Jax has returned.
Saturday turns out there's a lot to get done so I can't go hiking in the morning but in the afternoon we take off on a short hike up to the tee on #14 and not far from where the balanced rock fell over last month. There are some disc golfers playing.

They hang at the basket on #13 for quite some time and every one is staying still. Nobody is moving. It's hard to hear but I believe he just ask her to marry him and she said yes. There is applause.

Sorry about that. I labeled the video Proposal but this is the playing disc later.

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