Monday, November 25, 2019

San Diego Bound

The last day hiking with Kobae we were way out there on a nice day and then cloud cover came in, a cold breeze came up, and I hadn't brought a jacket or shelter of any kind and I was quite cold for awhile, sneezing and eyes watering, but couldn't leave Kobae and it was a long slow hike home. I caught a cold and when it was time to leave I didn't feel all that great.

Brendan showed up from the movie and said some of the aerial drone shots had a spot on the lens so they drove all the way out here to re-film them.

As I was driving to San Diego I talked to Linny on the phone and she said Brendan and Amy were in Salt Lake last week and showed Linny her touching death scene in the movie and it was a tear jerker. She said I should watch it. I called Brendan to see how far behind me he was on his way back to Vegas and he gave me directions to the house but I went to sleep before he got back and woke before he and Amy got up so wound up missing the scene.

I checked the weather before leaving and it was going to be raining or snowing all the way from San Diego to Moab on Tuesday but it worked out getting no rain until just an hour before San Diego where it rained for two straight days all along the route from there to Moab. This is Jax and I arriving after 12 hours of driving, this is Kobae trashing the floor in the back. I had three mats down so if he pooped or peed it would be on the mats but he moved them or ate one of them, not sure, and despite putting six of those little Christmas tree things on the floor it didn't help. This is Jax adjusting to San Diego life after the long drive and there's something different about waking up to a San Diego morning. At least the truck is clean on the outside.

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