Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Rain

I'm at Last Hurrah next door pumping water from the river to the pond, from the pond to the truck, to fill up the Base Camp cisterns which are almost dry.

Linny calls me to say a side by side pulled up saying they needed to call the side by side rental company as their other side by side with dad and three kids was broke down. I called and they said they'd be right out, course out here that means an hour and some change. The temp is 103.

With the tank in the back of the truck I drive over and pick them up and then escort the whole family down to the beach where it's 20 degrees cooler, maybe more. I take my boots off to show them they can jump in the river but before I can do that I hear three splashes look up and the kids are in already.

Little later the rental company shows up gives them a different side by side and everybody heads for town. Good timing, looks like rain is coming. I tell Linny I've got one cistern about 80% full and I'll start to fill the other one in case it does rain and fills it without my help. Doesn't look like much but then it comes over Dead Horse Point and swoops in on us. In ten minutes the temp goes from 103 to 73 and we get buried.

Both cisterns are full and I'm got a truck with a couple hundred gallons still in it. The hogans on the hill took a terrible beating and need to be re-mudded so I guess that's where the water is going.

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