Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Wednesday Hike to Hurrah Pass

I'm trying to get my time up and down Hurrah shorter. 5.5 miles. On the way up however some guests checking out ask me to drive their car over the top spot that is a little beat up.

As many times as I've hiked this over the years I wanted to get some pictures I hadn't noticed before.

Here's some. A balanced rock between the Two Trains. A white dog. Michelle showed up, hung out with Jax for three days, gave him a bath, and rode off into the sunset again.

Land of the Skinny People below next to the gullies and ridges. A white dog starting to turn red again from the ankles down. The small rock either pushing the large rock or holding it up. A tired white dog turning back to red.

And finally our trash haul from picking up on the road.

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