Monday, July 2, 2018

Thursday Morning in Jackson Hole

Jax and I went exploring in Jackson Hole Thursday morning because we're suppose to though we don't know why. After spending Wednesday night going through Missing Persons in Utah, what a depressing reading that was, and not finding the Visitor in my dreams we're going to see what Jackson Hole can tell us, if anything.

I was unable to find the spot where I took the picture of the footprints. We might have been close but then a Conspiracy of Ravens showed up and Jax took off after them and we got distracted. Still we did come to the spot that I remember sitting down and pondering over. Plus I took a photo that almost exactly matches a photo I posted on Feb 10, 2012 so there's no confusion about the spot.

We followed the ravens who led us to a big horn trail going down to the river and then ran out of drinking water and headed back with no new answers, just more questions.

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