Saturday, February 13, 2016

There's Another Hole

Einstein went over to the wood pile to sleep after I released him/her in the dining room. Friday evening there was no sign of him but around midnight Jax started barking so I knew something was right outside the door. I walked into the kitchen and heard noise behind the refrigerator.

At 4am Jax started barking again and when I went into the dining room some of the decorations were knocked over. There were two containers of soap in the sink in the bathroom, the living room curtains were torn, and the blinds were knotted. I left the back door wide open and went back to sleep. At 7am Saturday morning Einstein was sleeping back in the wood pile next to the living room stove. Apparently no domestication is needed. Einstein has had plenty of opportunity to depart and has taken none of them. When I left Base Camp at 8am Saturday morning to pick up Linny and do some hockey in Salt Lake, Einstein was still sleeping in the wood pile.

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