Saturday, February 13, 2016


We think there is one more critter left under the lodge and we think it's a ringtail. All the things the other ringtails and skunks fell for getting caught in the trap, this one is not buying. I hung a hot dog from strings in the middle and he somehow got over the trip or leaned over it and ate it from the strings. Johnny put a hot dog behind it and it took the towel off and ate it. Johnny put a hot dog under the cage and it tipped the cage over and ate it. Johnny put a hot dog all the way to the back of the cage and it pulled it out through the bars and Mike put a container with pieces of hot dog strapped in it and it somehow got all the pieces and ate them. This time Johnny put a towel around the cage, a hot dog underneath it and a very heavy rock on top so it couldn't tip it over and it worked.

Now that we've sealed the hole up above the fridge I'm going to try again to domesticate a ringtail.

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