Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Michelle and Jax

It's been a different sort of winter at Base Camp. During winters I go exploring. Sarah showed up to help around the place and we did some hikes together. Mike came in from Vermont to do some work and he's pretty busy. Johnny quit his job at Caveman. I picked him up and he's doing work here.

Michelle and I met two years ago. Michelle came out to the lodge and we spent four or five days hiking and got along really well. We mutually agreed we should do it again. Then she moved to Colorado and I never saw her again. Recently I heard she was back in Salt Lake so a month or so ago I called her and left a message if she wanted to go to a hockey game. I never heard back. Last week in Salt Lake she called and ask if the offer to come out to the lodge was still good. I said it was but I hadn't seen her for two years so perhaps she should come out and spend a few days to see if we still like each other. On Monday she pulled up in a truck with all this stuff. So I guess she decided we still like each other and I guess I have a girlfriend and I guess I have a dog.

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cyn said...

Well, well. Enjoy. Wish the best for you both.