Thursday, February 18, 2016

Truly The Never Ending Story

I got back to the lodge Monday night about 10pm. When I'd left my domestication of Einstein wasn't going well. I'd spent a night or two, I can't remember, trying to get it to come to me, then trying to get it to leave so everybody else wouldn't be saddled with Einstein while I was gone. When I walked in Mike, Johnny, and Sarah were rearranging the pictures and other things that Einstein had knocked over. He had been caught just that morning and released outside. He spent two full days, maybe three in the living room and kitchen despite doors being open at all times to leave. There were ringtail tracks on the toilet seat, in the toilet, on all the counters and table tops, on window seals, curtains torn, decorative pieces missing it was almost as if there had been an acrobatic Kobae in the lodge for 72 hours. There are decorative pieces missing from the shelve by the covered wagon, a good seven feet off the ground.
The curtains were closed completely now they are open in two places and have tears in them.
There were six Kachina Dolls on this seven foot high shelf above the dining room window and now there are four. The other two are missing.

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