Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Proof of Life

It's been over a week that Mike and Johnny have been going under the lodge for repairs and insulation. Over the last three months critters of all kinds have been sleeping up in and knocking down the insulation. Holes have been left open for them to leave but nearly each time they go down, there's still one ringtail that likes it there and has decided that's home. So last Thursday the holes were sealed up with just the trap door being the only way in and out. For a couple of days a hot dog was placed at the top of the trap door with the room door left open to the outside. Each of those days the ringtail came up, ate the hot dog, went back down and went back to bed. On Saturday the hot dog feeding ended in an effort to get him/her to come outside. For the last 24 hours I'll open the door to the hallway, and to a room with access to the outside. Put the Go Pro in for a two hour session to see if it leaves. Then bring it back, go through the video, recharge it and do it again. Somewhere between 8pm and 10pm Monday night I got this.

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