Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Next Plan

I crack the outside door just enough that the ringtail can fit through versus leaving it wide open as I have been. This morning I check and there are tracks in the flour, it came out, then I look down the porch and I can see it's tracks where at the end of the porch it turned around and came back. When I look at the door entrance, sure enough there is flour on the metal, it came back in. Later I open the door slightly again and put a cereal box against it so for the ringtail to get out it will probably knock it down. At 11:30pm last night I'm sitting in the living room reading and I hear the cereal box fall down. I open the back door and hear footsteps running down the porch. I quickly close the door and come back inside. Thinking if I were the ringtail I'd head for the front porch and get a hot dog having not eaten in two days. When I open the front door a ringtail runs down pole and snatches two hot dogs from me and runs back up. Apparently it's over.

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