Sunday, September 27, 2020

Daily Life

 There was a time when I kept track of rescues, even little ones. Now jumping somebody's vehicle, tow strapping them out of the sand or back onto the road, or changing tires is just part of daily life and happens two to four times a week.

Smoke drifts in and out a couple times a week depending on what fire is burning where.
Was Jax and I were leaving every morning at 6am to go hiking, then 6:15am, then 6:30am and now we're at 7am as the sun is coming up later and the days a little cooler. About half the time guests show up to go with us.
When we had the big temperature drop and it went from 99 to 45 one day snow showed up in the mountains and when a day or two later temps went back to 90 plus the snow melted and took over the sand bars by the boat ramp so they were almost gone.
Ferrel showed up and put my new tanks in with gauges that work and filled me up. Amerigas as usual never came back and got the tanks that have their name on them and sent me a bill again for tank rental that I haven't used for about three years. There's no learning curve with them.

I never found a beer I liked to reach my life's ambition of being an alcoholic but Kobae did.

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