Sunday, September 27, 2020

Sheriff Jax

It's so busy. Two weeks since I've posted. Several times at the end of long days I've gone on to post and couldn't keep my eyes open or my head fell on the desk and I go to sleep. Wild two weeks and no chance I'll remember most of it but I'll go through pictures and see if I remember why I took them. 

It use to be when Jax was not here that I'd have people park backwards, unlatch their hoods and spray coyote pee on the engines to keep squirrels from chewing wires. Then Michelle dropped off Jax and none of that is necessary any more and sadly Jax is without a job. He still goes out and checks the parking lot occasionally hoping even one squirrel will head for a vehicle but there are none. The day before he got here I counted 37 rock squirrels at roughly one time around the lodge. Sleeping on the porch and railings, sunning themselves like they were on a cruise ship or something, breaking into rooms and cars stealing whatever they could. Then around 4am one morning Michelle dropped off Jax and now there are but an occasional glimpse of a rock squirrel far off in the distance and the parking lot is now all about law and order. 

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