Saturday, September 12, 2020

Things Are Turning

 I met with San Juan County on Hurrah Pass last week to show them what my losses were when a couple of guests couldn't make it over the pass and turned around and went back to town. It's mostly the same spot every year that develops into a problem and I was willing to invest money into fixing this same spot. They said the county had gotten a rock crusher and would be back this week to have a talk with the rock ledge. Linda went to town and gave me these pictures when she got back. True to their word they were working on the spot.

After a 50 degree temperature drop in one day suddenly I didn't have to get up at 6:30am to go hiking I could go whenever I wanted. Around 8am Jax and I took the Kymco to the top of Hurrah Pass and walked down the other side to see the improvements. The road is sweet, at least in comparison to lots of other times.

The solar guy called to say they found a defective part in the new generator that he took with him and would bring it back as soon as he could. Gen and system is working good at the lodge. Ferrell will be here Monday with new tanks and fill me up for the winter on Tuesday.
After three days of cold windy weather Kobae finally came out of the laundry room and didn't leave me even one present and hung out on the porch all day for everyone to see. The little people have been putting on a show for guests each night on the front porch around 8:30pm. I heard a loud noise coming up the drive way two nights ago and it was a large gathering of black birds flying in the darkness and swooping all around like a dust devil. Never saw that before. With the heat down not nearly so much stress on the batteries and generator.

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