Thursday, September 10, 2020

Some Stuff

 The days are so busy. Jax and I hike in the morning. About half the time guests go with us. I come back and go through the night's emails which are almost all booking requests. I can get 30 of them in a day. The four stand alone, main house, condo, male hogan, and female hogan are mostly booked solid about four to six weeks in advance so anyone wanting to come out with less than a month's notice books at the lodge and now it's mostly filled up. With 77 cancellations back in the Co-vid day and being $75,000 down as of 31 May, I'm now within $2,800 and I've already counted all of September of last year. When this month ends I expect to be up about $20,000. Unbelievable.

It's been ten days since I posted. I've sat down to post five or six times and something happens. I've called Nations three times in the last couple weeks to get people out and I've tow strapped three or four out myself. Gone up Hurrah four or five times to show people how to get over the hard spot or give them a ride back to the lodge or escort them out. Lots of directions people coming up the drive way, use the bathroom, inquire what is this place, and it's about as busy out on the trails as it's ever been.

A fire somewhere in Colorado doubled in size a few nights ago and apparently the smoke did too because the next couple days were memorable on the morning hikes.

When these pictures were taken at the beginning of the week the temperature on Monday was 99 degrees. By Tuesday the high was 54. The high went down 45 degrees over night. Now we've had three days of not exceeding 60 degrees. When I woke up this morning I realized I didn't have to get up at 6:30am to go hiking I could go whenever I had an hour or two from work and reservations.

I want to thank Linda. When she said she'd fill in for Tami when she left I thought she'd be asking for help in a week or two but after two weeks and some change I ask her today if she needed help and she said she was ok so far. She's doing a really nice job. 

Today was the first day in quite awhile I was able to get around the property and it's starting to get beat up some. It needs some weeds pulled and cut off the roads and trails. There's a few pieces of trash here and there and just some general clean up on the porches and so forth. It's tough keeping up. 

I called today to get Jax a hair cut again already. It's nice he has that kind of hair that doesn't shed but apparently it multiplies and grows quick.

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