Tuesday, June 16, 2020

A Whole Bunch of Stuff

I've been spending a little more time on Hurrah Pass than usual. Last week had a couple come in driving a Ford 150, same as mine, but it had running boards on the sides. They couldn't get up Hurrah Pass in the one tough spot on the east side and when they back down to give it another run they sort of went into the creek bed next to the tough spot and got the rear bumper high centered. They walked the two miles up Hurrah to call me. I went out with one of the guests and tow strapped it over the tough spot. When they checked out Saturday I put a trials bike in the back, drove them out, and then unloaded the trials bike and rode back.
On Saturday a convoy of two SUVs, and a mini van headed out to Hurrah and the two SUVs made the tough spot but the van got stuck. So I headed up again to go get the van. Despite two hearty efforts by ownership just missed getting over the top so left it there and loaded a week's worth of stuff in he back of the truck and brought them over and will be taking them back on Thursday. I think one more run he could have made it. Each time he tried something fell off so the vehicle was getting lighter and increasing it's ground clearance. It would be inaccurate to say it didn't make it over the top because as things would fall off I would pick them up and carry them over the top.
I've been calling San Juan County for a couple weeks to fix the road but I'm not making any progress. The issues appears to be that Doug, who I bought Last Hurrah from was not happy with the road, petitioned them to change it from a B road to a D road so he could work on it himself. They changed it and lost their responsibility for it. Doug then sold to me and I don't have a front end loader or anything with which to fix it so I'm in no man's land at the moment.

Brendan and Amy were here last week of Canyonlands horror movie and they have taken all of Base Camp and Last Hurrah for a few days in September and are going to play the movie in the bowl area by holes 12, 13, and 14 on the original course and have the folks that did the soundtrack come in a play the it live while the movie plays on the screen on the land it was filmed on. I don't know for sure what tickets are yet but whatever they are it all goes to charity. I've called Linny several times and left messages and left them for her mom to get hold of her but her phone is turned off and her mom doesn't return my calls. I have no idea what's going on. I thought it would be cool if somebody or two that was in the movie would be here when it was shown. The soundtrack was done by Brendan Bayliss and Jake Cinninger both of Umphrey's Mcgee.
The river has crested and the beach is coming back fast. Still no mosquitoes. It's pretty weird. Huge sandbar in the middle which is where everyone heads. All six kayaks were out yesterday.

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