Saturday, June 6, 2020

The Hard Rain of Saturday

It has rained most of Friday night and when I walk outside at 4:30am it's still raining and when I turn the headlamp Kobae's way he's sitting outside in the rain in amazement. On Saturday morning while it's still raining he's back in the hole but his head is sticking out getting wet. He's so weird.
It's coming. You can smell it in the air. I leave to escort check out guests across Kane Creek assuming since I haven't seen a vehicle come over Hurrah Pass it must me flooded. Meanwhile the storm is surrounding Base Camp.

Hurrah was beat up a little from the night rain but not bad and there was almost no water in Kane Creek but since I'm that far and only 20 minutes out of Moab I drive on in to get groceries. Tami and Chris head next door to do laundry, pump water, and start working on the main house. The rain comes hard and they head back to Base Camp but too late, they are trapped in the Jeep up on a little knoll above the driveway for 45 minutes while Mother Nature puts on a show.

I walk out of Village Market and it's hailing hard. There wasn't much water in Kane Creek a half hour ago but there's no doubt there is now. As I'm driving through the canyon everything is a water fall of varying intensity and water capacity.

There are numerous waterfalls on the switchbacks and for just a second I'm sliding floating on top of one of them. When I hit Kane Creek it's deep. I don't even want to think about it. I have the great God Momentum with me and I'm not slowing down. I shoot into the water, the truck hesitates for a second, and then picks up again and I blow out the other side. When I get to the lodge the driveway going down looks like this.
I wait until 5pm as there was the possibility of another round of wind and rain between 3pm and 5pm but at 5:15pm the sun is shining and no dark clouds or red wind in any direction so Chris, Tami, and I head to the bottom of the driveway where some extensive work is needed, then out to the sign to fix the beginning of the driveway. That was a lot of work even for three of us. Before and after pictures. Three more spots on the way over to Last Hurrah and at about 7 something we're done. I'm escorting more checkouts in the morning but I don't expect it to be too tough as the whole afternoon was full of vehicles going over and down Hurrah Pass so I expect by now a trail has been worn for us.

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