Wednesday, June 24, 2020

It's Been a Week

Got a couple hikes in with guests, mostly Skinny People, one for The Fingers. Still not hiking by myself until I get Jax back. I better do something. Last couple times I got out of my chair it tried to go with me.

The bad spot on Hurrah Pass got worse. The Base Camp extra parking lot which was developed while I Uber'd guests back and forth is full so we have a second one now. The truck is taking a beating, me too, day after day two or three round trips each day.

I had one of the departing guest drive the remaining Polaris to town to get worked on but it broke down on the way. We are with but one functioning side by side and only good for around here. After three round trips on Hurrah Pass and a couple more that followed me back, it's late and I'm tired. Phone rings and guy says he broke him leg on a crash with his motorcycle out by Chicken Corner. He's in the hospital and I pick up his bike for him and bring it to town. 6am Chris and I drive out to almost Chicken Corner and brought it to town.

Heather showed up in a beast and shuttled her family back to Base Camp where she gets to feed  her tortoise Kobae each day.

Miracle of miracles. Taking a load of guests back to their vehicles in the Base Camp Hurrah parking lot I run across a grader going up Hurrah Pass and now the hard spot looks like this.
After a tough day or two Mother Earth noticed and said "Let me see if I can help you? She gave me this. Thanks mom.

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Irene said...

That is amazing that Hurrah pass has been graded! Fun to read how you are doing in the desert.