Wednesday, June 3, 2020


I go to the post office expecting my ink for the printer and there are four boxes, none of them the ink. Both Chinle Miller and Rich Curtin put out new books. I finished Curtin and I'm still on book 2 of Miller. At the moment collectively they are writing faster than I can read.

I had a birthday, the 68th, and Linda sent me this. Pretty cool.
I don't think I ever acknowledged Jenn, Nancy, Devin, and Brena for the neat notepad they gave me.
Mike and Penny brought us all cheeseburgers from Milt's. I could show you the wrappers but the burgers didn't last long.

Last year Debbie and Wayne stayed here and they ask me for a pitcher to make tea and I searched the whole property and couldn't find one when usually I have ten. There is a pitcher thief. They said they'd send me a pitcher when they got home and one of the boxes I picked up had these in it and a scarf.
Peter and Sabine rented one of the hogans for three weeks saying they were looking to move out here in the boonies somewhere and they decided the best way to learn for sure what they were looking for was to live in the hogan for three weeks and ask questions learning as much as they can. In exchange they said they didn't know what to give "the man that had everything". But they sorted it out because I didn't have this.

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