Saturday, June 6, 2020

The Red Wind of Friday

Tami and Chris take guests to town to kayak back. River has somehow reached a new high water mark. I checked the site today for snow pack in the Rockies and there is on average three inches. How does more water come down every day? There's nothing left to melt. Usually it takes about four hours but they made it in three so the river is moving.

I have guests on the front porch that are interested in a Skinny People hike. I look out to the west and the sky is a little menacing with an expected storm but we have time for a Skinny People and back so we head out.

Just 20 minutes or so out I look up by Hurrah Pass and a wind is kicking up.
We make a left at the second bowl and start heading back. The wind is catching us fast and the dog almost gets blown over. We're got to navigate the narrow ledge to get back.
At one point we have to hug the wall as the wind is so ferocious we're getting pelted with gravel and medium size dirt balls. Being sandblasted. When we round the corner it's coming from the west also and we're right in the middle looking ahead and behind.

Gusts are up to 55 miles an hour and it's too dangerous to do the narrow ledge to get back so we gut it out until it dies down a little.

This is what Tami and Chris see from the lodge and Tami captures us returning from the hike right as the rain and lightning begin.

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