Saturday, June 6, 2020


On Wednesday I went to town. I'd been hearing for a few days there was a spot on the other side of Hurrah that was deteriorating. They were right. When I got back from town I planned to email everyone and see what they were driving and maybe meet those that didn't have the right vehicle.

Three or four hours later on the way back I got to the spot and it had a temporary fix. Someone did a nice job on it so I cancelled my planned emails and figured I didn't have anything to worry about. Didn't take any pictures so random pictures I haven't used.
As I'm coming down my side of Hurrah there is a family working on the bad spot on my side. I pull up and ask them where they are headed and they say "Last Hurrah". I say "That's me. You don't need to work on the road I can guide you through it."
A few hours later I get a text and an email from an incoming guest saying they are stuck coming up Hurrah Pass. I text back I'm on the way. Mike who has been staying here four or five days says he's bored and jumps in the truck. We find the guests on top of Hurrah having hiked up to get better reception escorted by some folks in a side by side. I tell them I got them and we drive back down to the spot I thought was fixed and looked pretty good to me and still did but somehow they got sideways coming up the think and were back down at the bottom in a gully with the rear bumper up on a rock in their F-150 same as mine. I'm glad Mike was with me and he drove it while I tow strapped it up the tough spot. While we're getting them situated my other check in drives up it and right by us. Everyone follows us back to the lodge.
On Thursday the road building guests ask me to take them to Skinny People. Just the second or third hike I've been on since Jax departed. Still tough to go without him.

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