Thursday, May 9, 2019

Shooting Day Five (The Fingers)

Today is the first of night shooting. Last night someone had a birthday and there was a party at the Condo going on when I drove by to turn the generator on at Last Hurrah. At the lodge there were several cast members hanging out and they had a dance party of sorts celebrating the death of the first person dying in the movie. "Better to get killed on a Wednesday then you can still be home by the weekend." "This is your last birthday party, you'll be dead tomorrow."

Because it's a night shooting most everyone slept in this morning. Breakfast was at 2:30pm, lunch came in a sack on location in the fingers and at 2:30am when the shoot is expected to wrap up there is a pizza party in the Last Hurrah garage and a driver drove out here and dropped off 14 pizzas.

This is Duke. The producer and location manager's dog, or he sort of was. With Jax gone he's moved into the office and sleeps on the couch since both of his parents are on the sets constantly. I feed him and give him water and he hangs with me when I go somewhere. He had the nerve to lay on the porch right next to Kobae like Jax use to do. Kobae stared af him and then walked off. Later as Kobae was getting ready to go down in his hole he looked over at the porch, saw Duke on the porch, diverted to the lodge, marched up the ramp and bit Duke while he was sleeping on the leg. Duke leaped up and ran in the lodge, to the office and up on the back of the couch where he sat for three hours. It's been sorted out who the lead dog is.
I went back to check on the location where they were set up in The Fingers

I had Linny cleaning the main house and a hogan for regular guests that were coming in and the rest of the time I'd see her shuttling people back and forth or hear her name on one of the two sets of walkies being called to be at location or pick somebody up. Briefly I'd pass her with a load of people while I was trying to catch up with demand and she had a smile on her face.

I checked the water at the houses next door and 3,000 gallons had shrunk to 600 gallons so I put the pump in the pond and started putting water in the holding tanks dropping appropriate amounts of chlorine in at the same time. Moments later I was informed the washer wasn't working for cast, crew, and Linny in the garage. Checking the gauge 1,000 gallons of water in there on Saturday was gone so I'm alternating the pump back and forth to keep up with laundry.
Being in The Fingers at night can be spooky by itself but tonight a storm is gathering and things could go bad. While I'm at the highest point on the property while pumping water I'm watching the horizon for any sign of getting on the walkie to tell everyone to get out.

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