Sunday, May 19, 2019

Saturday in the Fingers

The weather forecast is showing 30 to 40% chance of showers and an occasional thunderstorm all the way through next Friday when the movie people leave. I heard catering show up at 3:30am this morning to prepare the meal for everyone going out to The Fingers. I passed and I assume Linny did too as I didn't hear her voice out there anywhere. If they can get another 4am to 4pm in today they'll be pretty close to caught up.

Originally Linny's schedule showed her filming in The Fingers yesterday but when I ask on Friday and Saturday mornings they said that wasn't the case. As she was heading over to clean the female hogan she got notified to be at make up right away. It's getting easier. She normally gets through it in under an hour now. Then off to The Fingers.

The river is rising fast. Yesterday I adjusted the stairs on the dock three times. I've filled all the water tanks as high as I can get them and then pumped some water into the pond to let it settle for a few days before having to pump again. I'm mostly caught up on laundry with the exception of folding it and putting it away in some sort of order.

Another person or two died yesterday during filming and got flown out to wherever they live but they were promptly replaced by somebody else that is a specialist at something that will be happening.

There are so many people on the porch most of the time going in and out Kobae hangs at his house across the driveway usually and there are moments when I wish I could join him.

Linny appears to be handling all this pretty well and getting along with everyone, no problems. The first day in the make up chair took some time but she's a pro now and I think Saturday was the last time in the chair as a ghost. She still has a death scene coming up somewhere.

No foxes showed up to eat last night which got me a little nervous that the last thing we needed was a mountain lion in The Fingers but raccoons and skunks did show up and the foxes rarely come on a full moon anyhow.

Linny will be heading home to Salt Lake after the movie and family reunion that moves in the day the movie people move out but talked to Michelle a day or two ago and her and Jax are headed back soon to help with the transition. For Jax it's just in time. The lodge is full of squirrels. I chased six out yesterday with a broom. They have no fear at all and the movie people think they are cute and feed them. Hopefully Jax will turn that around in a few days.
The Canyonlands movie people depart Friday. Family reunion begins Friday and leaves Monday. A yoga video company moves in right behind them for five days of filming. Not a single room, hogan, or house open until the end of the month.

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