Saturday, September 8, 2018


Driving to town I see a guy with walkie sticks. Hayduke or Discovery. Hayduke. He says he's been told about the lodge as a place to stay and water up. I see him again on top of Hurrah on my way back and an hour or so later he walks up the driveway. "My name is Immersion." Immersion hangs for the day and watches the goings on of people showing up for the women's disc golf tournament. With evening I take him to the boat house and he sleeps there catching a breakfast with some of the campers on the way back to the trail again. I tell him there's a fellow Hayduker three days in front of him a little green. He says "I'll catch him. What's his name." I say "Something In His Nose." He says "Why'd he pick that name?" I say "I don't know."

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