Sunday, September 2, 2018

The Road

I called San Juan County Roads and Bridges a few weeks ago to tell them I rarely complain about the road. In 12 years I think I've called this was the third time. I told them that the road is pretty beat up. I'm mostly full Labor Day, the following weekend I have a wedding next door and a women's disc golf tournament here and the weekend after that a large wedding that consumes both places.

That means that lots of women, possibly by themselves, lots of old people (like me), will be coming to the weddings, and young couples as well. Could they please come work on the road. It's beat up good at a couple places on the way up the other side and at the very top there have been a few minor issues. Plus, it's pretty time consuming driving folks vehicles out for them.

I explained that normally I'm ok with the road being beat up some. It weeds out the wussies and lets me know that those that do make it (at least 95%) have heart and won't be expecting a mint on their pillow tonight or Linny or I turning down their beds for them. A little bit of sarcasm but not all sarcasm.

They said they would.

On Saturday Linny and I went to town to bring the Polaris back so we would have at least one side by side for anyone that wants to use it. On top there's a front end loader and I'm hearing work begins on Tuesday.

However after this one the road future is bleak. The County downgraded the road from a B road to a D road and my understanding is that means that county maintenance is over and it will take suing the state to get it back to a B road. Probably not this year, but in time, that could be a big problem.