Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Close Call

Jennifer and Linny have developed a connection. Jennifer goes next door with Linny to clean and then they head off to town to get supplies.
Fifteen minutes after they leave here come Immersion up the driveway. Hayduke beat him up. He ran out of water and he's been struggling the last two days out of water having all kinds of hallucinations. He found some mud that was suppose to be a water source and laid in it for hours trying to cool down. Eventually he found the river and drank it untreated. All day he's been hiking back to here for a water source in 95 degrees and he's in bad shape. He needs to get to town quickly. I call Linny on the walkie and she says she's just going over Hurrah Pass. I ask her to stay right there, I'm bringing Immersion with me and he needs a ride to town. The transfer is made and here's hoping the best for Immersion.

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