Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Every Day, Something Magical

There's a few of us sitting on the porch watching Kobae chase dogs when a SUV pulls up, a lady gets out and says "Can I join you?" Then she reaches in and gets her baby and her dog Annabelle jumps out. "I'm Jennifer." We're watching Kobae chase dogs, now including Annabelle. I ask what she's doing out this way. She says she's been living in her car for the last six years and was told by a rental place in town to come out here. Says she met a lady hiking some trail and gave her a ride from Hurrah into town and back to get something that broke but she was headed for here. Jennifer mentions she's married and pregnant. The whole lodge has just gone vacant from the disc golf tournament and Linny has been focused next door so I tell her we have a room that hasn't been cleaned yet and we'll give her some sheets and towels and she can stay there while she figures out what she wants to do. She says she's a singer.

A few minutes later Hoops (Danielle) hikes up the driveway. She's doing the Hayduke and was told to come here to water up. I give her another room that hasn't been cleaned yet.
 Tuesday night Linny and I, guests, our Hayduker Hoops, and Jennifer and her baby Iliud are sitting on the porch watching the critters come for hot dogs and Kit&Kaboodle and there's a brief break between critter feedings. I ask Jennifer what she sings and she says "Songs that I write." She starts to play and sing, it's dark, but she's good, so I turn the camera on so I can record it.

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