Saturday, September 8, 2018

It's Wednesday Evening

I've just come back from hiking with Kobae and saw a guy on a dirt bike and a gal on a side by side go by Chicken Corner bound. Checking the email we have one guest that hasn't show up yet and dark is approaching. Linny and I feed Kobae and then all the critters. We've gotten an email from guests saying they are coming but that was an hour and a half ago and we haven't heard or seen the motorcycle or side by side coming back so they're lost in the creek bed out past the Wind Caves.

Kobae goes in his hole. I look at Linny and say "Who do you want?" She says "I'll take the truck to Hurrah and go look for the guests." I say "I'll go find the motorcycle and side by side." Linny heads out and I grab head lamps, canteens, and a walkie.

As Linny heads up Hurrah I hear a motorcycle and side by side out by the Base Camp sign and Linny reports headlights coming up behind her. My search is over. I tell Linny there are headlights on Hurrah. She goes over the top and says it's our guests. They leave the vehicle there and Linny brings them back.

Thursday afternoon a side by side looking for directions tells me there is equipment on top of Hurrah working on the road. I just on a trials bike and get to the top. They aren't done but it's sweet so far.

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