Thursday, September 6, 2018

Wednesday Afternoon: Kobae's Life Hangs in the Balance

Kobae came over to the porch, looked at his food, turned around and headed down the driveway. A man on a mission.

It's a nice day. Good to have Jax with me and out hiking with Kobae again. Kobae hikes up by the dinosaur tracks and I walk over to the rock to look down at the tracks. On the next to last picture Jax drops over the ledge to check on something. Kobae shoots right over the ledge after him. I start walking over to him and he gets high centered on a round rock under him and it shoots him down the side of the fall off. He's going all the way to the bottom. He'll roll for 30 feet and then fall off a 20 foot straight down cliff. If I don't catch him, he's dead. If I do and I can't slow him down, he'll take me with him or if I get in front of him and he clips me knocking my feet out from under me on an already slippery broken shale and dust narrow ledge, we're both dead or at best badly maimed.

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