Monday, June 5, 2017

Sunday Evening Hike........and Ibuprofen

Jax and I took Gabriela and Urs on a hike behind Last Hurrah. There aren't any pictures of the boulder canyon because half way through it a ledge broke under me leaving me with a nice puncture would in my right hand, some missing skin off my right leg though fortunately there's no scab where the knee bends, and a severe muscle pull in my lower right back. It took me one and a half hours to get out of bed to go pee it was so painful and just a little less than a year since the last time I lay on the floor and couldn't move. I was hoping to have a hospital free year. Perhaps not.


cyn said...

What is due for your back? I have some experience there. CVS and others have a good and inexpensive back brace that works for riding over bumpy roads, but you probably know not to wear one all the time or your muscles become weaker. Alternate heat and cold, do gentle stretching, and take the anti-inflammatories (watch irritating your stomach). Your back muscles should be strong with all you do, but are you limber? Might add some stretches/slow yoga to your routine. Do stretches slowly and for 30-60 seconds.
OK, I'll quit.
You are valuable. Your back is telling you things these couple of years. Listen to it. Kobae is getting heavier too.
Be careful. Lots of us believe you are special!

lue said...

Good advice Cyn thanks I hope he heeds some of it. He is a special guy and we like having him around.

Tom said...

I've learned much about pain since I moved out here. I didn't fall on my back just a good scraped knee and a punch hole in my right palm. So I figured it was a pull and would go away with time. It still hurts some but what doesn't? it's working itself out each day hiking. I went off ib yesterday and I feel it a little but it's not bad.

cyn said...

Glad to hear you are better. Might consider checking out how flexible you are and increasing it. That will help greatly when bad things happen.