Monday, June 5, 2017

Some Critter Stuff

There's always somebody that can't go along with the program. The other night I watched the raccoons very carefully and each time I'd go outside to feed ringtails, skunks, or foxes, they would then go where I went to see what food they might be able to steal from those critters. The ringtails are really nervous of them and I just have three that show up regularly. I can't leave hot dogs for them or the raccoons get them so I have to find a way to keep them from going up the porch poles and I have an idea but I can't do anything constructive until my back is fixed. Two night ago they tore up the boards where I feed the skunks to get their hotdogs. They're becoming a problem so it's going to take some time to find a solution but no doubt there is one. I've begun filling up three Kit&Kaboodle bowls at night, two for the raccoons and then I take one out in Kobae's yard for the foxes. I was dropping Kit&Kaboodle and hot dogs down the skunk hole but now it's vulnerable so got to get that fixed.

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