Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Monday Evening

Jax and I headed into the finger canyons below the Anti-Cline with the eventual goal of hiking back to the Three Finger canyons where we've seen a lot of deer lately. Just before we broke off to switch canyons bone fragments began showing up in the creek so instead we followed it to the end. Every year the mountain lion comes down twice from the Anti-Cline, takes a deer and then goes back up. Every year, twice, I find the remains, but not so far this year. If this was a deer, it was a pretty small one. On the way out we came across a small spring which Jax took a drink of but from the color of the ground around it and the look on Jax's face it's not hard to tell there's a little salt in it.


cyn said...

What are the white striations in the photo next to the bottom?

Tom said...

In this photo I can't say that I know. In most of the other it's tree limbs that have petrified. A spin off of Conifer trees that they don't think exist anymore. Upwards of 65 feet high and eventually buried in the mud of the various oceans that visited over time.

cyn said...