Wednesday, June 28, 2017

My Mistake

I have at least three baby skunks now as everybody is having kids. Last night instead of dropping a couple hot dogs in the skunk hole I dropped them in the wall of the cistern so mama didn't have to bring the babies out into the open for ten feet or so to get under the deck to get to the regular food court. There is one raccoon that is not welcome by the others on the front porch and he/she is constantly causing havoc trying to reach down in the skunk hole for their food, pull up the boards on the porch, climb up poles onto the roof to see if a ringtail left food up there. Last night it apparently smelled the hot dogs and when I went out this morning much of the rock around the cistern had been removed but since I heard the mother skunk in the wall moving around and smelled her defense mechanism it appears the raccoon's attempt to get the hot dogs was unsuccessful.

Looking back at all the critter challenges, rock squirrels eating all the flowers off the Desert Willow tree, rattle snakes, whip snake trying to get my two favorite lizards Who's Up and What's Up, the foxes trying to get the ringtails, hawks trying to get the songbirds, the raccoon problem is turning into the number one issue of all time and it doesn't feel like it's anywhere close to a solution.

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